Cuban Quarantine

    In October 1962, after a spy plane spotted nuclear missile sites being built in Soviet Union, JFK linked that to rebellion in Cuba and it’s new relationship with the Soviet Union. On the 22nd of October the US Military DEFCON 3. DEFCON is “Defense Readiness Condition” and level 3 is the state of being more ready than required. Kennedy and the rest of the US defense saw this act as a threat. Weapons and missiles were being shipped to the Republic of Cuba. October 23rd, Kennedy signed the proclamation for a naval blockade around Cuba to keep supplies from going in or leaving Cuba. This act was most likely going to cause some sparks to fly between the US and the Soviet Union. Communication was back and forth between President Kennedy, Nikita Khrushchev, and Ambassador Dobrynin. The President sent a letter through the US Ambassador to Khrushchev “I must tell you that the United States is determined that this threat to the security of this hemisphere be removed,”. Basically everyone saw this sudden relationship and shipping of missiles to Cuba, which was going through a rebellion due to citizens and a few US militants trying to over throw the leader, Fidel Castro , as a conspirace and planning to attack the US. That same day Chairman Khrushchev tried to justify the manufacturing of armaments and shipment to Cuba, “...We reafirm that the armaments which are in Cuba, regardless of the classification to which they may belong, are intended solely for defensive purposes in order to secure the Republic of Cuba against the attack of an aggressor.” He’s saying that despite the fact that the missiles were being built and shipped in utter secret into Cuba and that those missiles had a very specific range to hit the US, that they were, in fact, just for protecting Cuba. Before Cuba was alligned with the 

    Soviet Union they were with the US after the Cold War. Kennedy believed that sort of immediate trust was close to impossible. The Soviet Union must have been using Cuba as a cover for a plan to bomb the US.

    The day after the proclamation of the Cuban Quarantine the Soviet Union Ships heading for Cuba turned back except for one ship that tried to slip through. The US military went to DEFCON 2, which is right below maximum readiness which is practically starting a war. Due to issues with interacting with the leader of Cuba, Fidel Castro – who refused to have his territory inspected by the US Military - and the stubbornness of both American and Russian parties there might have been an actual war on their hands. After another long communication and meeting and negotiations the Soviet Union agreed to withdraw from Cuba if the US removed their set up missiles in turkey which were prepared to retaliate. They both agreed and the conflict was avoided. The Cuban Quarantine stayed in effect until November 21st before the naval blockade was pulled back and Cuban was again allowed to trade in their waters again.